Design Packages

Fun House offers different tiered packages. The Tier 1, 2, and 3 packages have a project based flat fee for design work, which covers our expertise and time in creating the designs. This includes room layouts with furniture placement, furniture and fabric selections, lighting, window treatments, wall coverings and/or paint and finish selections. Fees are based on the scope of the project, time requirements, and complexity. 

Tier 1: “Top to Bottom”  This comprehensive full interior design package offers floor to ceiling transformation of an entire room, multiple rooms or an entire home. 
Plan includes:
•  Floor Plans, support drawings for furniture layout
•  Furniture and Fabric selections
•  Paint color and Finish selections
•  Window Treatment Design and Fabric selections
•  Wall Finishes- paint color/wallpaper
•  Floor Coverings and Finishes
•  Lighting Design and Sourcing
•  Installation
•  Accessories and Styling“the final touches” using old and new

Tier 2: “Individualized” Design  This package allows you to pace yourself and prioritize needs based on your budget. We will assist you in laying out your priorities, budget and timeline. This package is best suited for individual rooms, but can also be used to “finish” multiple rooms. We then develop a schedule of services based on your individual needs.

Tier 3: “Building and Renovation”  In this package we will guide you though the process of building or renovating your home. We can work with your builder and contractor to maximize space and create a home for your lifestyle whether it is from the ground up, an addition, or just adding built-ins or additional storage. It is more cost effective to plan ahead. In addition, furniture and lighting plans can be drawn out to complete the project. This package can then be taken a step further: add the Top to Bottom Package to complete your entire home.

Tier 4: “Spruce It Up”  Here we offer you the ability to use our expert advice and services on an hourly basis. This package works for selecting paint colors, accessorizing bookshelves, or consulting on how to best arrange furniture in your room — either by adding more or just using what you already have. It offers you the ability to spruce up your home without a huge financial commitment. Our guidance helps the do it yourself person to save time and money from costly mistakes.

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